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Perfume Diary #14: Essence of Exhaustion (Twilly, Hermes) (RS)

Hi DD crew! The news has been….well, you’ve been reading it. Hope you are all holding up. Apologies for the delay this week! But here is a new perfume diary about well, holding up.— RS. What perfume should a weary person wear? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, because while we have talked over the years, on these digital pages, about matching fragrance to nearly every mood -- cinnamon for anger, petrichor for sadness, dank oud for horniness, tuberose to unbridled joy -- we don’t really talk about what you spray on when you are dead tired, when the world has beaten your spirit into a grey, mildewed, limp washtowel that used to be white. Perfume is always supposed to be a glaze, and you don’t really need a glaze when your eyeballs are already glazing over.