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Welcome to the new Dry Down! By subscribing, you’ll get at least six Dry Down letters a month from Rachel Syme and Helena Fitzgerald (a weekly Perfume Diary, a monthly solo letter, and a monthly long classic joint letter, plus occasional guest posts), all about perfume and smells and how scent relates to everything from movies to history to feelings. You’ll also get early access to and discounts on Dry Down live events and perfume sample pack collaborations. We’ve loved building a community of people who love (or are just learning about!) perfume and want to share and recommend good and weird smells, and subscribing helps you to be part of that community. We want to help you discover the world of perfume, share your discoveries with other perfume obsessives, and connect smells to every other part of life. Come hang out.

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You can read subscriber-only updates in email, or on the website. If you click through from your email you will be automatically logged in. If you come to the website separately, you can log in through the Membership page.

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Beautiful emails! A sense of community! The ability to smell words magically through your phone! Ok, maybe not that last one, but you’ll get all the Dry Down emails we send (at least six a month), access to the full archives, exclusive access to guest posts, and early access to and discounts on our events and sample pack collaborations. Yearly subscribers will also get a personalized perfume genie session via email consultation.

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Forwarding emails is always fine, as is posting them to all forms of social media, as is encouraging all of your friends and loved ones to subscribe and join the smell party.